Offering the most advanced technology

Our modern dental office is filled with leading-edge equipment. Our dentists have completed hundreds of hours of advanced postgraduate training and are committed to staying up with the latest technology and the latest techniques to provide you with exceptional dental care.

Your experience at Doral Dental will likely include many comforts and amenities not found in other offices, including:

    • Chairside television — Complete with DirecTV® and a DVD player in every room.


    • Chairside computers — Having a computer in every room helps us stay on time and allows us to access your information and schedule appointments expediently.


    • CAESY patient education — Allows you to see precise explanations of any dental procedure on the chairside television.


    • Intraoral camera — We use modern digital camera equipment to show you a live close-up of your teeth on the chairside television. This helps you decide what is right for you and your dental health.


    • Blankets & pillows — Airline-style blankets and pillows help keep you cozy and comfortable.


ZOOM!® Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic teeth whitening is one of the most popular and minimally invasive ways to improve the appearance of your smile. Advances in bleaching and laser technology make it possible for you to lighten your teeth by up to eight shades in just one office visit. At our officies in the Miami and FishHawk areas, we use ZOOM!® teeth-whitening products that deliver outstanding results quickly, conveniently, and safely.


ZOOM!® Take-Home Teeth Whitening Treatment

Patients can choose to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own homes with ZOOM!® take-home teeth-whitening trays. With the ZOOM!® take-home whitening trays, customized for you by Dr. Smith, you can whiten your teeth whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. Many of our Miami and FishHawk patients choose to wear their teeth-whitening trays twice a day for one half hour to an hour. Others wear their teeth whitening trays at night while they sleep. Either way, with take-home teeth-whitening treatments, you are able to control the teeth-whitening process to achieve the shade you desire.

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